Cloud and Hosting

The Cloud changes how solutions are procured, delivered and maintained; moving from a three to five year refresh cycle to a pay monthly model where maintenance is included and upgrades and improvements are continual.

With evermore companies offering the Cloud, the best advice we can offer is to adopt the same tried and tested approach procurement that you’ve always used; what am I buying, who am I buying from, where are they and what happens when it goes wrong?

Many organisations are now exploring the Hybrid Cloud model; a mixture of proven SaaS applications used together with bespoke hosting. The Hybrid Cloud allows you to realise the benefits of the Cloud without compromising flexibility, reliability or security.

We provide Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud solutions and services from Bournemouth and London datacentres using kit we own, manage and secure. We have the flexibility to provide exactly what you need because it’s ours and if anything goes wrong, we’re never far away.

Colocation and IP transit

Secure. Within Reach.
On Your Terms.

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Private Cloud

Simple. Reliable.

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Hybrid Cloud

Security redefined. The risk is now real.

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Virtual Desktop

Plan for the worst. Hope for the best.

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Hosted Disaster Recovery

Get connected.
Stay connected.

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Cloud Services
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